Is what I get from my insurance enough to fix the damage?

It depends. Sometimes Insurance companies do not know the extent of the water damage. Here at Care Cleaning & Restoration Services, we will work with you insurance provider to ensure your claim gets you what you need.

How long does the drying process take?

Of course it depends on the extent of the damage. We are highly trained experts and we ensure that the restoration is up to safe standards before we leave. That being said we specialize working with you insurance company to make sure your claim covers the whole job.

Will the stains come out?

Our process is highly effective. We can get out even the toughest stains like nail polish, wine, lip stick, paint, gum and more!

Why are Care Cleaning & Restoration Services higher?

Here at Care we pride ourselves on delivery the highest quality cleaning and restorations. We stay up to date with the latest licensing and frequently take classes to ensure we deliver best experience possible. We also use the latest equipment in order to take care of the job quickly and up to our high standards